Commissioning and Retro commissioning


  • Test, measurement and testing settings
  • Audits
  • Review, adaptation and optimization of existing facilities
  • Retro commissioning
  • Training technical staff specific operating
  • Validation of Clean room
  • Balance adjustments and balanced
  • Management
  • LEED, BREEAM, Green (Authority)
  • Validation EVO

Further information

Mainsa has professionals with over 25 years experience in the industrial sector through which we offer service and retro commissioning commissioning.

Through the expertise of theoretical and empirical processes, we combine engineers, technicians, protocols and measurement tools to provide individualized service and value to its customers and may act independently to Mainsa own.

Mainsa has the technical capability to perform testing, adjusting, measuring, auditing, verification and validation of all kinds of electromechanical projects in buildings and industries can participate in:

  • Air conditioning and ventilation.
  • Electricity and lighting.
  • PCI.
  • Plumbing and sanitation.
  • Central Control Systems (BMS).
  • Cooling systems.
  • Smoke Control.
  • Renewable Energy (wind, mini-hydro, cogeneration, solar, thermal, photovoltaic, biomass, etc.).
  • Gas and diesel.
  • Air Quality.
  • Measurement noise and vibration.

In Mainsa Commissioning Management loans management services to ensure that all facilities or industrial buildings are designed, executed, implemented and maintained to the satisfaction of the property. This Mainsa Commissioning Management from the initial part of the project defined, reviewing, inspecting and verifying all points so that each installation meets the requirements technically and from a point of view for subsequent energy efficient operation and maintenance within the parameters economic logic.

Mainsa Commissioning Management incorporates all necessary means for making LEED, BREEAM and Green through its verification system, as well as having certified technicians EVO (Efficiency Valuation Organization) by the measurement protocol and verification of energy savings based on the IPMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol).