Energy Solutions


  • Renewable energy.
  • Transportation and distribution.
  • Industrial Plant Engineering.
  • Transportation Facilities.
  • Building Facilities.
  • Energy Efficiency Solutions.

Further information

Mainsa devotes one of its divisions, independently, to renewable energy to meet the needs in this market, which are becoming more numerous and more complex process development and ambitious. Similarly processes develop energy optimization in buildings and industry allowing to get, thanks to the study and implementation of new technologies, facilities efficient and low consumption.

This is an important activity in Mainsa that believes in renewable energy, clean and in which, under the pressure of the sector bet for the future.

  • PV systems for telecom
  • Injection of clean electricity to the grid
  • Water supply and electricity
  • Photovoltaic generation plants
  • Lighting by LED technology and energy saving systems
  • Biomass Plants
  • MSW recycling plants
  • Plants with connection incineration
  • Use of residual energy and wastewater
  • Micro CHP and mini hydraulic