Mechanical and Electrical Installations


  • Design.
  • Planning.
  • Projects.
  • Installation.
  • Technical assistance.

Further information

The Industrial Facilities Division of Mainsa specializes mainly in three areas:

  • HVAC, Mechanical Ventilation Comfort, Desenfumage.
  • Industrial Mechanical Installations (IMI):
    • Plumbing.
    • Electricity.
    • Ventilation.
  • Protection and Fire Fighting.

Air Conditioning
Mainsa performs air conditioning facilities at industrial level in both new construction or renovation or existing facilities, adapting to current regulations.

One of his specialties is the establishment of the facility's energy control systems and software by determining and setting the desired environment variables depending on space, people, outside temperature... With this, the client obtains significant energy savings.

Mainsa specializes in the installation of:

  • Inner ducts.
  • Splits.
  • Cassettes.
  • Ducts.
  • Water coolers.
  • Ventilation.
  • Waste heat recovery.
  • Variable volume systems.

Always with the top brands in the market. Always with the best quality.

Industrial Mechanical Installations (IMI)
Mainsa assumes any project with full guarantee of success, however advanced, complicated or innovative whatsoever could the project be.

The business units are divided into five divisions, plus an independent area:

  • Industrial Buildings and Offices
  • Buildings and Cultural Buildings
  • Hospital and Administrative Works
  • Commercial
  • Purchases

All of them with the support of a Technical Projects Office.

Among all activities, emphasys is added to the following:

  • Gas Turbine Cogeneration more MP steam generation
  • Generation and distribution of high, medium and low steam pressure
  • Generation and distribution of superheated water
  • Generation and distribution of thermal fluid maximum temperature 300°
  • Line Pipping hot and cold process
  • Distribution networks and aggressive fluid pumping PRTR, PVC and PPCC
  • Storage and distribution of liquid fuels
  • Radiant heating large areas and under floor heating

As a guarantee of confidence and good work for their clients, a rule is Mainsa preliminary testing and internal quality control before delivery of their works, in order to ensure proper operation of the facilities, collated through Commissioning department and after sales service.

In the area of plumbing, Mainsa has solid experience in facilities in new buildings and alterations and improvements of existing facilities, with special attention to the treatment of legionesis, with applications and modifications of any installation.

Another Mainsa strengths lies in the area of electrical installations:

  • New buildings
  • Public premisesw

Mainsa has a proven track record in:

  • Detection of carbon monoxide in garage
  • Ventilation of malls and hospitals
  • Ventilation of garages
  • Desenfumage
  • Renovations, extensions and all sorts of changes in operating facilities

Protection and fire fighting
It is essential to have a good historical memory demand of this activity, marked by legislative changes, becoming more demanding, and the increasing needs of customers (look for economies of scale and synergies in procurement facilities providers) and provide a comprehensive quality service to customers. One area of business that requires a great knowledge and a good team.

The Division of Fire Detection and Fire of Mainsa divides its operations in two ways:

  • Fire Detection. Peace, security and confidence that installed products and their direct involvement through the technical team in advising architects on the design of the location of smoke detectors, alarms, escape routes, etc.
  • Firefighting. Applying the most advanced technology with the most effective systems for each building or facility, all while meeting strict requirements of the regulations.