Project Management


  • Integrated Management of projects and works.
  • Planning Methodology.
  • Organization methodology.
  • Asset Management.
  • Resource Management.
  • Facilities Management.
  • Energy Efficiency Solutions.
  • Management and control works.

Further information

Mainsa applies a methodology for planning, organizing and managing resources to achieve the goals of quality, cost and delivery of a project.

For this reason, this service is completely outside the company having an independent, non-binding to building productive means.

So, thanks to our experience, it is possible to detect early deviation from the proposed objectives, allowing anticipate implementing the necessary corrective measures.

In the area there are a variety of properties and clients with different interests and objectives. The objectives of quality, cost and time can have different weights depending on each project, even vary in the project development time. Strict compliance of these objectives can be decisive, even at the sacrifice of others.

The project management allows early detection of a deviation from the objectives proposed, which allows providers to take corrective action.